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Network and Infrastructure

Providing end-to-end solutions for designing, implementing, and maintaining robust and secure networks. We specialize in creating customized network solutions that address the unique needs of our clients.

Pedion Technologies Networking and Cabling Solutions
Pedion Technologies Networking Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

We offer comprehensive wireless IoT solutions that bridge the gap between IT and OT for seamless connectivity without sacrificing security. Our solution leverages Cradlepoint NetCloud's IoT edge-to-cloud service, which is delivered through LTE routers that can connect a wide range of wired and wireless devices.


Our solution is designed to provide dynamic traffic segmentation to mitigate security risks and offers SaaS analytics platform extensibility. With multi-role administration capabilities, our IoT solution is perfect for IT and OT personnel to collaborate on deployment and management activities from any location.


(Unique IoT solutions)

We develop industry-leading professional connectivity devices. And behind every Teltonika Networks product in the market, there is a group of talented and ambitious people who created it. Our goal of keeping the world connected is only possible by having a united and motivated team that makes the boldest ideas become a reality.


When developing our products, we primarily focus on three main pillars - reliability, security, and ease of use. We believe these elements are essential for the success of any IoT project.


Reliability is one of the core focus areas while designing products at Teltonika Networks. We have long-standing experience manufacturing industrial devices that can withstand the most rigorous environments and offer connection continuity with multiple backup scenarios.


We assure the highest level of security for all Teltonika Networks products by performing regular safety tests and releasing periodical firmware updates to eliminate any risks of breaches.


Industrial Teltonika Networks devices are designed mainly for professional applications, yet they are still easy to use. Using our products does not require any special training and can save considerable amounts of time during the implementation phase.


(Environmental Monitoring
and Management)

We at Inferrix are committed to making your spaces, buildings & facilities environmental friendly not only to ensure a better planet but also to make the building occupants happier & healthier.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the integration of smart building solutions has transitioned from a mere luxury to an absolute necessity. Welcome to the latest edition of Inferrix Insights where we understands the reasons why adopting smart building technologies is no longer an option but an essential step towards creating sustainable, efficient, and future-proof infrastructures. By leveraging cutting-edge automation, advanced sensors, data analytics, and connectivity, smart building solutions are reshaping the way we design, manage, and experience buildings.

One of the key drivers behind the necessity of smart building solutions is their unparalleled ability to enhance operational efficiency. By harnessing the power of automation and IoT technologies, these solutions optimize various aspects of building management, from energy usage to maintenance processes. Automated systems can intelligently regulate lighting, HVAC systems, and other equipment based on real-time occupancy data, reducing energy waste and lowering operational costs. Furthermore, predictive analytics can detect and address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and optimizing maintenance schedules. The integration of smart building solutions streamlines operations, freeing up valuable resources and enabling organizations to focus on their core objectives.

With environmental sustainability becoming an imperative concern, smart building solutions play a crucial role in promoting eco-friendly practices. By integrating energy management systems, smart lighting controls, and advanced HVAC technologies, buildings can significantly reduce their carbon footprints. Real-time data monitoring and analytics provide insights into energy consumption patterns, allowing organizations to identify inefficiencies and implement energy-saving measures. Additionally, smart water management systems and waste reduction initiatives further contribute to sustainable practices, ensuring efficient resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact. Embracing smart building solutions is not only an ethical responsibility but also a strategic move towards a greener future.

Pedion Technologies

Pedion APN 
(Flexible, secure, private,
and global wireless solution)

Your own private mobile LTE network, fully managed, secure and scalable

Pedion’s APN provides IoT connectivity solutions that enable organisations around the globe to expand their private network nationally and internationally by using high-speed mobile network infrastructure such as GSM, LTE, 5G and NB-IoT. Our platform includes advanced security, converged mobile networks, a full data management solution, reporting tools, alerts and more.

We give you full control of your data usage, saving you time and money, and allowing you to focus on the important parts of your business while we focus on providing you with a world-class connected network solution.

Multiple mobile operators in a single country at a single price

The solution gives you access to multiple mobile operators and their existing wireless infrastructure, allowing you to choose the best network for every location and deployment at a single price – no matter the network you use.

Every connection tracked and managed

The solution gives you full control of all your mobile data connections and their usage in an easy-to-use management portal with an array of advanced features. 

Systimax Solutions

(Structured cabling)

Pedion Technologies, COMMSCOPE/SYSTIMAX Certified, provides the full spectrum of information communication technology (ICT) solutions within the areas of Data Network Infrastructure and Communication, Alarm System, Security (CCTV) Systems, Fibre Optic Cabling and Electrical Installations.  With an impeccable track record of integrity, high quality service delivery and its focus on customer satisfaction, Pedion Technologies is ideally situated to provide excellent support and service to its growing client base. Pedion Technologies main objective is to enhance the quality of life for all South Africans by creating and developing opportunities for growth, internships, and reciprocal skills transference with the clients it serves.

The competence and dedication of Pedion Technologies staff, together with its dynamic management team, are seen as key components in the rapid growth of the company.  The group has systematically grown in size and capabilities over the past few years. This has created a dependable critical mass of cutting edge professional that are at the forefront of technology and its continued advancements. Having the key differentiator of ongoing research and training also ensures that our clients stay informed on the latest developments in technology.

Ready to take your enterprise system management to the next level? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team of experts. and learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

Our Satisfied Clients

Western Cape Provincial Government
Sun International
Stem Connect
Standard Bank
South Africa Reserve Bank
PBT Group (UK) Limited
DOT Group UK
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